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Research Projects

Research Summary

Our research involves the application of formal (i.e., mathematical and computational) techniques to theoretical and methodological problems within the areas of social network analysis, mathematical sociology, quantitative methodology, and human judgment and decision making. Currently, our work focuses on: the structure of spatially embedded large-scale interpersonal networks; models for informant accuracy, network inference, and graph comparison; graphical representations of life history data; and models for human behavior in strategic situations. We are also interested in social phenomena related to emergency situations, and are involved in research which seeks to combine social science and information technology to improve group and organizational responses to disasters and other adverse events.

 Please visit the individual project pages for more information about each research project.

Current Grants

Butts, Carter T. (PI). (10/2010-9/2013). “Collaborative Research: Informal Online Communication in Extreme Events: Content, Dynamics, and Structure.” Grant #CMMI-1031853, NSF CMMI, Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events. $404,948.00.

Markopoulou, Athina (PI); Przulj, Natasa (Co-PI); and Butts, Carter T. (Co-PI). (10/2010-9/2014). “CDI-Tpe II: Topology and Function in Computer, Social and Biological Networks.” Grant #NSF OIA-1028394, Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation. $2,152,181.00.

Butts, Carter T. (PI); Hipp, John (Co-PI); Nagle, Nicholas N. (Co-PI). (10/2008-9/2011). “DHB: Large-scale Spatially Embedded Interpersonal Networks: Measurement, Modeling, and Dynamics.” Grant #BCS-0827027, NSF BCS, Human Social Dynamics. $749,245.00.

Smyth, Padhraic (PI); Butts, Carter T. (Co-PI); Eppstein, David (Co-PI); Goodrich, Michael T. (Co-PI); Handcock, Mark S. (Co-PI); Hunter, David R. (Co-PI); Mount, David (Co-PI). (5/2008-5/2013). “Scalable Methods for the Analysis of Network-based Data.” Award #N00014-08-1-1015, ONR. $5,381,300.00.

Mendonca, David (PI); Butts, Carter T. (Co-PI); Webb, Gary (Co-PI). (10/2006-9/2009). “AOC: Improvisation in Emergency Response: Linking Cognition, Behavior and Social Interaction.” Grant #CMS-0624257, NSF CMS, Human Social Dynamics. $710,000.00.

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