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Lab PI Butts Elected to ASA Offices

Published on June 12, 2017 by

Lab PI Carter Butts has been elected to two offices in the American Sociological Association: the Section Council of the ASA Section on Methodology, and Chair-Elect of the ASA Section on Mathematical Sociology.  Butts is currently serving a term on the Section Council of the ASA Section on Mathematical Sociology, and will transition from this office to the office of Chair in the coming year.

Sections of the ASA serve the sociological community by supporting research in specific fields of the discipline.  The Section on Methodology supports work on novel techniques and practical advances in methods for the measurement and analysis of social phenomena, while the Section on Mathematical Sociology supports the development and use of mathematical, computational, and other formal approaches to the study of social systems.  Research by NCASD lab members is frequently featured in conference activities by both sections, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to make further contributions to these important communities.

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