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Dr. Gianmarc Grazioli to Join NCASD Lab

Published on March 17, 2017 by

The NCASD Lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Gianmarc Grazioli, who will be joining as a postdoctoral scholar as of spring quarter, 2017.  Dr. Grazioli, who obtained his Ph.D. in the Andricioaei lab before a one-year stint in the Paesani lab at UCSD, brings with him a wealth of expertise in molecular modeling, particularly the use of modified potentials for importance sampling of trajectories in order to explore rare transitions.  In his new position, Dr. Grazioli will contribute to the team’s work on modeling of protein aggregation, statistical methods for prediction of structural and functional properties of biological macromolecules, and the development of network analytic methods for the study of biological systems.  A computational chemist by training, Grazioli adds to the lab’s diverse mix of disciplinary expertise (currently spanning sociology, statistics, electrical engineering, and computer science), and deepens the group’s bench in expertise related to simulation and sampling techniques.

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