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Two New Technical Reports Now Available

Published on February 15, 2010 by

Two new IMBS technical reports by Lab PI Butts are now available on the IMBS web site. The first, “A Note on Generalized Edges” (MBS 10-03) introduces basic terminology and formalisms for representing complex multi-party relationships, facilitating the treatment of phenomena such as joint task performance, mental models, and actor/bystander interactions that are difficult to model using traditional network analytic approaches. The second paper, “Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Social Network Data via Conditional Uniform Graph Quantiles” (MBS 10-04) provides a family of techniques for leveraging a well-known tool for analyzing individual networks — conditional uniform graph quantiles — to draw inferences regarding populations of networks from sampled data. These methods are especially applicable to meta-analytic applications, in which one seeks to pool information from multiple case studies. Both of these papers showcase our current research on methods for the analysis of network data, with an emphasis on tools and ideas that can be applied in practical settings.

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