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Upcoming Talks by Butts at Penn State, Acton at UMass

Published on March 30, 2010 by

Lab PI Butts will be speaking to the Frontiers of Network Science Lecture Series at Penn State University, 4/2/10, on “Modeling Complex Interactions in a Disrupted Environment: Relational Events in the World Trade Center Response.” This talk will present work from the NCASD Lab on the modeling of dynamic event systems, with particular emphasis on emergency radio communications at the WTC. Also taking place that day at UMass Amherst (Department of Sociology) will be a talk by Lab Member Ryan Acton, titled “Logging On, Going Out: Group Size Dynamics in Online/Offline Spaces.” Acton’s talk is about his current work on the study of online behavior, and the formation of offline groups via online mechanisms. If you are in either venue, drop by to see our members in action!

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