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Almquist Presents at the QMSS Seminar at University College Dublin

Published on August 25, 2010 by

Lab member Zack Almquist will be presenting “Contending Parties: A Logistic Choice Analysis of Inter and Intra-group Blog Citation Dynamics in the 2004 US Presidential Election” (co-authored with lab PI Carter Butts) at the QMSS Seminar on “Power: Decision Making and Social Networks” at the University College Dublin, Ireland. Zack’s presentation is a study of the dynamics of interaction within and between DNC- and RNC-designated blogs using dynamic logistic choice models. His presentation will describe the results of various strategic, institutional, and balance-theoretic mechanisms – as well as exogenous factors such as seasonality and political events – on the propensity of blogs to cite (i.e., hyperlink to) one another over time (Almquist and Butts, 2010).

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