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Lab PI Butts Presents Lab Research to Computer Science, Practitioner Audiences

Published on December 15, 2010 by

Lab PI Carter Butts gave an invited presentation this week to an audience of computer scientists, statisticians, and machine learning specialists at the Workshop on Networks Across Disciplines at the 2010 Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NIPS 2010) in Whistler, BC. Butts’s talk, “Bounding Complex Network Models with Bernoulli Graphs,” provided an overview of his recent work on the use of simplified network models to approximate the behavior of network models too complex to study directly. Butts also gave an invited presentation to the UASI Shared Strategies for Homeland Security workshop in Denver, Colorado on social networks, coordination, and resilience during disasters. Speaking before an audience of emergency management, law enforcement, and public health practitioners, Butts highlighted recent findings from the NCASD Lab’s research on networks in disasters, and summarized some basic principles that can inform the design of robust organizational networks. Interest in social networks continues to grow in both of these communities, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to share our work with them.

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