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Lab PI Butts Presents Research, Speaks at INSNA Sunbelt Conference

Published on February 15, 2011 by

At last week’s INSNA Sunbelt XXXI Conference, Lab PI Carter Butts and alumnus Ryan Acton kicked off the Lab’s Sunbelt activities with a workshop on statistical analysis of network data using the statnet library for R on February 8, with the able assistance of Lab members Lorien Jasny and Zack Almquist. On the following day, Butts and collaborator Steven Goodreau (University of Washington) offered another workshop session on exponential family random graph models in statnet, aided this time by Nicole Carnegie (NYU) and Pavel Krivitsky (CMU).

On 2/13, Butts gave a presentation on “A Technique for Analyzing ERGM Behavior Using Bernoulli Graphs,” providing an overview of Butts’s recent and ongoing work on new techniques for using well-understood network models (here, networks whose edges occur independently of one another) to bound the behavior of network models whose behavior is complex and poorly understood. Butts’s methods facilitate the study of very large systems (e.g., networks with millions of actors), which are difficult to examine using standard techniques.

Butts was also pleased to have the opportunity to introduce the Sunbelt keynote speaker, Kathleen Carley (CMU). Carley, who served as Butt’s doctoral advisor at CMU, is a leading figure in the application of computational and network analytic methods in the social and organizational sciences. Butts was honored to have the opportunity to salute a mentor and collaborator.

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