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Lab PI Butts and Lab Member Marcum to Present at 3rd ARS Conference on Social Networks

Published on June 21, 2011 by

Lab members Carter Butts and Chris Marcum will be presenting a half-day workshop session on “Modeling Networks in R with statnet” at the upcoming ARS Third International Workshop on Social Networks in Naples, Italy. The workshop session will introduce attendees to the basics of exponential family models for social networks, and demonstrate the use the statnet toolkit to estimate, simulate, and evaluate such models. Butts will also present joint work with lab member Zack Almquist on “Dynamic Logit Models for Emergent Collaboration Networks” later in the conference. The presented research will show how simple, scalable models can be used to study the properties of evolving networks such as those emerging in response to disasters, and to forecast the properties of those networks over time. Information on the conference can be found at the ARS’11 website.

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