HEROIC PI Sutton Presents at WCDM

Sutton presented on “Alerts, Warnings, and Social Media: what works, what doesn’t, what makes a difference” to a standing room only crowd in Toronto on June 24, 2013 at the World Conference on Disaster Management. Drawing from current HEROIC project research efforts and the empirical record on disaster alerts and warnings, Sutton translated research findings into practical lessons for emergency managers who utilize new media as one channel among many for alerts and warnings in disaster events.

Twitter has become a redundant channel for crisis communicators in disaster.  Effective messaging has become vital. This talk addresses how message content, style, and exposure predicts message dissemination in a disaster.  Using data from empirical research over a set of different hazard events, we show ho message factors affect transmission across social networks online.  From this, we identify the key elements that will lead to social amplification of crisis communications in disaster.

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