New HEROIC Research Highlight – Superstorm Sandy

In recent work, the HEROIC team performed an exploratory analysis of online conversation surrounding Superstorm Sandy. The team looked at Twitter posts by the general public as well as official government emergency management organizations and other targeted accounts of interest.

A few of the lessons learned from this research include:

  • Twitter functions as a tool for risk communication, with heightened communication during the most critical points of a crisis event.
  • Consistent with previous research, few organizations have directed communications with followers, but instead use Twitter as a sort of redundant, broadcast mechanism.
  • There is evidence that patterns for content posting are emerging, as organizations include hashtags and links as part of their routine communication activities in disaster.

See the online research highlight for more information:

Spiro, E., Sutton, J., Johnson, B., Fitzhugh, S. and Butts, C. (2012). “Superstorm Sandy: Looking at the Twitter Response.” Online Research Highlight.


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