HEROIC PI Sutton Keynote Speaker at the Los Angeles Emergency Management Workshop

“Changing Channels: Social Media and Emergency Management”  Dr. Jeannette Sutton

On September 13, 2011, Jeannette Sutton was a keynote presenter at the 2011 Los Angeles Emergency Management Workshop “Los Angeles: Are We Ready?”.  Her presentation focused on social media expectations and use among the public and public officials.  Drawing from empirical research and sociological theory, Sutton explained convergence behaviors online and how networked online technologies have the potential to change the future of disaster communications. A series of network diagrams and graphs were also provided to demonstrate Twitter-based communication activities conducted by regional organizations connected to the Los Angeles EMD.  Graphics and analytics were provided through the HEROIC project.

A pdf copy of the presentation can be downloaded here:

sutton LA EM presentation

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