The UCI Social Network Research Group



The objective of the UCI Social Network Research Group is to:


  • provide an informal setting for discussion of current and ongoing network-related research at UCI (and elsewhere);
  • facilitate the exchange of information regarding new techniques, tools, data sources, and research findings;
  • support graduate student training in the network field; and
  • encourage collaboration among faculty and students on network-related topics.




The Network Research Group holds weekly meetings during the academic year, at a time and place which is determined on a quarterly basis (see schedule below). Attendance is open to all interested members of the university community, and “drop-ins” are welcome. Special topics may be designated for certain meetings — all other meetings are considered to be available for open discussion. In the latter case, participants are encouraged to bring along their intractable problems, difficult questions, and mysterious software bugs, as well as topics for more general discussion or debate. Note that formal presentations of substantially complete research (although also welcome) may be more appropriate for one of our ongoing colloqiua; email Katherine Faust for more information.


Announcement and Discussion Lists

To obtain announcements of meeting topics and other event information, interested parties may subscribe to the Social Network Research Group announcement list (; subscription information and archives of past posts may be found here. A separate list for discussion among researchers in the social network community is maintained here.


Fall 2017 Quarter Schedule

The Network Research Group will be meeting Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 in Calit2 3414. (For off-campus visitors, a map is available here.) Meetings that have not (yet) been reserved for a particular topic are listed as “open discussion.” If you would like to reserve a time slot for the discussion of a particular paper or research problem, please email Carter Butts. Reserved discussion topics will be announced via email, in addition to being posted here; open discussion sessions are not announced, but the group still meets each week unless otherwise indicated.

Past Agendas

Agendas for previous quarters are archived here, for those who are interested.